Schools Still Pursuing DJ Richardson


DJ Richardson is still being actively recruited and the list has not been cropped, but rather is still growing. So many schools are taking a look at Richardson that at this time it is too difficult to decipher a definite ten schools. Richardson is in the summer before his junior year. There is plenty of time yet before his list will be narrowed for certain.

Just this past weekend Ohio State, Texas, and Duke were among a host of schools to watch Richardson in action. At the same time, schools that have been in on Richardson from the beginning continue to recruit the guard. Richardson is still receiving mail from the likes of Bradley University among others. His most recent offer is from Steve Alford and New Mexico. To the best of Richardson’s knowledge, neither North Carolina State or North Carolina have entered his recruitment as neither has sent him anything nor watched him play as of late.

Richardson is coming off of a solid season that was hampered with injury. He battled a sprained ankle much of the season as well as a pulled achilles. There is a lot of talk about who the best player in the class of 2009. The upcoming season should be the year that creates separation amongst the top of the class as players continue to evolve and emerge on the court.


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