Foggy Forecast: Recruiting Predictions


Yes, we know, trying to predict where a kid will play is like trying to predict an NCAA Tournament Bracket.  But we figured, why not?  We all know how fun those brackets are!  So here are the predictions of Pat Benninger and Jason McGee of on some of the top uncommitted prospects in the state of Illinois.  Let the discussion begin.   

Pat Benninger: 

Matt Roth to Indiana.  I think Roth is extremely intrigued by the opportunity to compete in the Big Ten.  He would have really liked to attend Illinois but they were never completely sold on him so never offered.  Bradley and St. Louis were both neck in neck until Sampson came into the picture.

Iman Shumpert  to Marquette.  It comes down to UNC and Marquette for Iman.  The attraction to play for the Tarheels is more than overwhelming to him but he realizes that he has more room to grow as a Golden Eagle.  Thoughts of Dwyane Wade come to mind and he knows he can make a bigger impact on the collegiate scene in blue and gold.

Scott Suggs (Washington, MO) to Illinois.  Washington is a very good situation for Suggs and Coach Romar invisions him being the next Brandon Roy but, at the same time, Scott realizes that there are some problems with in the Huskies system as they are debating over who gets what scholarships.  It should boil down to Illinois and MizzouCoach Mike Anderson has a style that fits Suggs and there is an opportunity to play immediately but the staff is heavily recruiting other players who play his position as well which tells me that Mizzou may not be as viable of an option as most believe.  Coach Weber was one of the first to offer Scott a scholarship and though the Illini have a style that differs from the Tigers it still fits Suggs’ style of play.  The opportunity to play immediately for the Fighting Illini is inevitable and with them lacking the ability to score, the ball will be put in his hands right away.  In addition, UI has a lot of young talent on the perimeter and if they get an inside presence to go along with the 2007 and 2008 recruiting class they have a chance to be big time contenders on the nation scale.

Jason McGee:

Matt Roth to Bradley.  Roth will keep it local and become a Brave.  He is flattered by the attention of an Indiana offer, but realizes that Bradley is the place for him and truly is the school of best fit.  Rick Majerus has done a great job since taking over at SLU, but Roth will ultimately decide to stick with what he knows best, Coach Jim Les. 

Iman Shumpert to Marquette.  Shumpert will eliminate the ACC schools by reasonable deduction.  He will not choose Georgia Tech over North Carolina.  If he went with the ACC, North Carolina would be the pick.  He did not let the Tarheels into his recruitment this late only to say no for another ACC program, Georgia Tech.  But, because he does not feel that he will have the best chance to succeed there, he will choose neither of the schools.  Like Roth, Shumpert is flattered but will stick with the original gameplan.  Marquette has produced plenty of Chicago talent of late and Shumpert plans to be the next in line. 

Scott Suggs (Washington, MO) to Missouri.  Suggs is going to keep it in the Midwest.  That means Washington is out.  They have so many players on scholarship I find it unlikely that a standup coach like Lorenzo Romar would boot out or force away any of his players to make way for a new recruit.  While playing for Illinois is a great proposition,  Suggs will decide to stay local and play for Mizzou.  Coach Anderson plays a style taylor made for Suggs and he knows that he can thrive in his system more than any other.  It will be a tough choice but in the end Suggs will please the local contingent and stay home. 

Pat & Jason: 

Stan Simpson to Arkansas.  Simpson has a lot of family in the Little Rock area and would love to be close to them.  He has a good relationship with former Marshall star Patrick Beverly and likes the SEC style of play.  He visits UA on September 22nd.

Kenyon Smith to Illinois State.  The Redbirds are real big on Smith.  They are the biggest Division I program to offer and the Missouri Valley is awfully hard to turn down.  He fits the style well and loves the facilities and coaching staff.  Easy pick.


4 Responses to “Foggy Forecast: Recruiting Predictions”

  1. Top Posts « Says:

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  2. salukis1 Says:

    To Benninger/McGee: Any predictions on Josh Crittle?

  3. jasonmcgee Says:

    Yes we will be giving ours as soon as we figure out what we believe he will do! It is hard to tell right now. Thanks for checking out the site.

  4. salukis1 Says:

    Sorry guys: Suggs goes to Washington 8/15 news release

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